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Feel free to call or text with any questions OR to book an appointment online, please go to:

Kate Castrogiovanni, Owner Licensed Massage Therapist

(570) 396-0312

Cynthia Newhart-MacNamee Licensed Massage Therpaist

(570) 396-0637

MaryBeth Buffington Licensed Massage Therapist

(570) 396-8254

Kelli Gasperi Licensed Massage Therapist

(570) 851-8319

Tonia Oliver Licensed Massage Therapist

(570) 760-8564

Kassidy Cook Licensed Cosmetologist

(570) 280-5459

To book with Tonia, Kelli, Cynthia or Kassidy please go to:

Well Kneaded Massage

124 church street
Montrose, PA 18801

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